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Oware is a game that has suffered from the support it once used to have being held in high esteem in many royal courts all over Africa. The onslaught of colonialism drove Oware from its high position in traditional African society, to the extent that in some countries it is frowned upon. Today it does not even receive official recognition in countries that gave birth to it.

For the past 6 years The Oware Society has been organizing Tournaments and the response from players from the U.K. and abroad has been overwhelming. Unfortunately the prizes awarded have been a token jester. This has led to a sorry state of affairs where winners of these tournaments from abroad could not even cover their transportation costs let alone their board and other expenses.

It has come to our notice that this state of affairs does not bode well for Oware and rather serves as a discouragement for top players to travel such long distances, only to be awarded a token prize. Although the amount of winnings is important the real disincentive is not being able to reverse the negative stereotype people have of Oware players, as being lazy and non productive, and not being able to show that something can be gained by playing Oware.

Although these hurdles exist they are only there to be overcome. Today Oware is a highly regarded game in the west. Schools today are benefiting from introducing Oware to their pupils, realizing the educational benefits of the game. Its value as an educational tool is one that has been known in Africa for a very long time and is now making its mark in Europe.

This fund has been set up to redress this situation by promoting the playing of Oware and chiefly by raising funds to be able to award more substantial prizes to winners and runners up in tournaments across the board. Part of these funds will also be used to sponsor Oware players whose presence at any one tournament will have a positive effect on the promotion of Oware either locally or worldwide.

To make a donation there are several options listed below:

  • A cheque can be made payable to The Oware Society.
  • A direct payment can be made to The Oware Society account details are below.
The Oware Society,
6 Kiloh Court,
Meyrick Road,
London, SW11 2EE.
        Account Name: The Oware Society
Account Number: K4245163TRE
Account Number: 0005 0005
Sort Code: 09 00 00

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